Scriptures For Meditation — Acts 1:3-8; John 1:12; Ephesians 3:20;

Can Do, Will Do

We celebrated The Feast of Pentecost last Sunday. The theme of our fasting and prayers this month, is going to focus on the realities of what Pentecost should mean for us as New Testament believers.

In Acts 1:4, Jesus enjoined His disciples to wait on the promise of The Father to send the Holy Spirit to them; and in verse 8, He tells them the reason why:

They would receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on them!

This power they were to receive, was going to be a prerequisite or a necessary pre-condition for what they were to do afterwards.

What Was This Power?


For us to get the full import of this promise, it will be necessary to have an understanding of what that word “power” really means.

In the context of use, it is translated from the Greek word — Dunamis.

And as Thayer’s Greek Bible Definition, highlights, it means:

Strength Power, Ability, Inherent power;

Power residing in a thing by virtue of its nature.

So when Jesus said they would receive power, He was saying that they were going to have a change in their nature when the Holy Spirit comes upon them, that would invest them with an inherent power to do things!

This power also refers to the ability which that person or thing exerts and puts forth and manifests in:

• The power for performing miracles

• Moral power and excellence of soul

• The power and influence which belong to riches and wealth (Prosperity)

• The power and resources arising from numbers (Growth and Multiplication)

• The power consisting in or resting upon armies, forces, hosts (Dominion and Authority)

The word dunamis itself, is taken from the Greek word — Dunamai

And Dunamai means:

1. To be able to do something — to have power whether by virtue of one’s own ability and resources, or of a state of mind, or through favourable circumstances, or by permission of law or custom

2. Can do; capacity; to be capable, strong and powerful

3. To be possible

Prayer Focus

Reading all of this, we can see that God has deposited an immense and extremely potent divine ability in us, given to enable us accomplish His purposes for our lives, through the operation and workings of His Holy Spirit in us.

That’s what Pentecost is about!

Let’s revisit the definitions of both “Dunamis” and “Dunamai” highlighted above; meditate on the different components of the words, then pray and claim the reality of those things into your life and situation in Jesus’s Name.


Pastor Wale Ola

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