24 Hour Prayer Watch Guidelines

24 Hour Prayer Watch Guidelines

Thank you for volunteering yourself to be used by God to stand as a Watchman for His people.

Your Commission:

Pray for 1 Hour everyday throughout the month of February, at the time slot you have chosen.

In case you haven’t been able to commit to a specific slot throughout the month, you may still choose an hour to pray along with the volunteers at any time that you are able to make available for the cause.

The prayer guidelines below will help to give you a prayer focus with structure and content to fill your hour slot.

***In addition to this prayer direction, please also listen to God, and pray for any particular person or family or situation that He may bring to your mind and lead you to pray specifically about.

I pray that God will honour your commitment and reward your sacrifice abundantly in Jesus’s Name.

Yours in His Service,

Pastor Wale Ola

1- Preparatory Prayers

PREPARE YOURSELF— As You Come Into God’s Presence, Pray a Prayer of Dedication and Consecration.
  • Praise and Worship to usher in God’s Presence and Power
  • Pray for the anointing and grace to stand your watch — Ask For the infilling, empowerment and help of the Holy Spirit
  • Pray for God to strengthen you and to bless the hour of your prayer
  • Pray for open eyes, open ears and inspired words to keep your watch, as the Holy Spirit will inspire.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire you and lead you to pray as He may want you to specifically direct you, on the hour of your intercession.
  • Pray for Open Heavens, that God will show mercy and favour, and hearken to the voice of your supplication.


Your Watch is: Your family, The Church and Your Brethren, Your Nation

All these are areas where the enemy will seek to attack you to try and destabilise and hold you in captivity in order to prevent the will of God from being established in your life.

Prayer Points

We are standing on the prophetic word that the Lord has spoken over this church and the members, and praying every promise into manifestation and rich fulfilment.

    Bring every plan, ministry initiatives, meetings and events of the ministry before God. Pray that God will bless and prosper the work of our hands.
    Pray for souls to be saved and added to the church. (Pray especially for God to bring in Men and add them to the ministry).
    Pray for spiritual growth in the lives of the people and for God to bring revival into our homes.
    Pray especially for God to revive the youth and children’s ministries.
    Pray for God to bring in labourers and resources to do the work that He has committed into our hands.
    Pray for God to refresh and reward all those that have been labouring in His vineyard and to birth or increase a spirit of commitment and a desire and willingness to serve in the hearts of the people. Ask Him to start with you.
    Pray that God will settle us and lead us to the place that He has prepared for us.

We are taking position against the works of Satan and his forces in this season that we are in, in the Name of Jesus.

  • We will pray that God will avert, subvert and cancel every plan of Satan concerning our lives, our families, this church and our nation.
  • We will pray that God will fight for us and destroy all the works of the devil in our lives and against our family and church.
  • Pray that God will break and reverse Negative Cycles and Patterns in our lives
  • Pray that God will deliver those who are being held captive in any way by demonic powers, and break Curses operating in our personal lives, and families.
  • Stand in the gap and intercede for the families, households and members of the church – For God to deliver them from the hands and bondage of the enemy.
  • Pray for God to visit every household and bring deliverance and the fullness of His Salvation.

You will also pray for:
• Your marriage
• Your siblings
• Your children (their salvation, walk with God, education, gifting, calling, protection, career)
• Your parents
• Your spouse

Pray especially for God to answer the prayers of our brethren that are believing God to get married.

  • Bring every unmarried member of the church and your family before God, and pray that the will of God will be established in their lives concerning marriage, and also God’s choice of their partner.
  • Pray that God will remove every obstacle in their lives or families that have prevented them from getting married
  • That God will cancel every embargo that has been placed on their lives to stop them from getting married
  • That God will release and bring forth the life partners that He has ordained for them.
  • We prophesy that this year 2022, we will celebrate weddings/marriages of the members of this ministry in Jesus’s Name.

Pray For Your household and the household of God (Pray the same prayers for the church and members)

  • Pray for God’s Covering and Protection
  • Pray against losses, accidents, sickness, death and calamities.
  • Pray for the release of provisions and resources that are needed in every family
  • Intercede for every member of the church and pray that God will come through for them miraculously in whatever areas that they need God to show up in their lives.
  • Pray For Your job, your business or the place where you are working
  • Pray for those that are believing God for jobs that God will make a way for them and open doors of miraculous jobs for them.
  • Businesses of members of the church —Pray for Resources, Open Doors and Uncommon Favour.
  • Pray that God will cause them to flourish and prosper supernaturally even in this season in Jesus’s Name.
  • Pray for the release of resources and the infrastructure that are needed for them to accomplish the vision and to complete the projects that God has committed into their hands.

• Your Education (For the students amongst us)
• Your ministry
• Your dreams
• Your vision
• Your destiny
• Your Faith in Jesus Christ to grow and be strengthened; that your faith will not fail and that You will not lose your Salvation

Intercede for your nation for peace and prosperity —

  • For the government, economy and culture to come under the influence and administration of the Kingdom of God.
  • Pray that God will avert whatever calamities may be brewing in the nations, and protect you and your family from whatever storms may be in the horizon.
  • Finish with thanksgiving and pray for the next intercessors that will be taking over from you. Pray that God will strengthen, refresh and anoint them anew for their task.