What He Said…

Scriptures For Meditation —Jeremiah 30:1-3; Matt 5:18.

This month’s fasting and prayers will be in keeping with the theme of what we spoke about in the first part of the sermon series, Rest of God (please listen to the sermon again if you can).

We will begin today’s meditation by looking at God’s instruction to Jeremiah concerning the prophetic word to Israel in Jer 30:1-3:

Write down for the record, everything that I have said to you.

This is an instruction from a God who is so sure of the inevitability of EVERYTHING that He has said.

At all times, our first, continuous and even our last line of defence against doubt, discouragement or lies of the enemy in times of challenges is the promise that God has made to us, or what He has revealed or declared as His will.

What Did God Say ?

In the case of Israel, God continued His discourse with Jeremiah with a confirmation of what He had said earlier, and what He was presently saying:

Jer 30:3 For the time is coming when I will restore the fortunes of my people of Israel and Judah. I will bring them home to this land that I gave to their ancestors, and they will possess it again. I, the LORD, have spoken!”

God made a promise to them of Restoration, Possession and Settlement.

He told Jeremiah to write these things down, so the people could use them as a point of reference to navigate through the adverse seasons of their lives.

So, what has God said to you?

Has He made any specific promises to you in prophecy or are there any promises that you can claim as His revealed will in His word?

The assignment for you today is to take some time out to write out these things that you are believing God for, and let’s bring them before His Throne of Grace today as we pray and wait on Him in fasting.

When Jesus was confronted by the Tempter, His response was: “It is written”

And in 1Timothy 1:18, Paul advises Timothy to use the prophecies that have been spoken concerning his (Timothy’s) life, as a weapon of warfare against the enemy.

This will be our opening gambit against the enemy this month!

Let’s bring His words to remembrance and let’s dig in our heels in faith, to resist and counter the wiles of the enemy against our destiny.


Pastor Wale Ola

Prayer Focus

Rewatch Sermon (Rest of God)

• Write Down What He Said

• Meditate on What He Said

• Thank Him For What He has Said

• Declare What He said: “Lord, You Said…”!

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