A Light In Darkness

Scripture for Meditation: John 1:1-5; Is 60:1-3

We will continue our fasting and prayers today, looking at more of the prophetic word from God concerning Israel. But first, let’s look at our second scripture text for this series (Is 60:1-3).

Isaiah 60:2 will strike a familiar chord with many of us at this time, when the whole of the world is experiencing a time of gross darkness under the siege of the Covid 19 pandemic and its attendant trail of death and destruction.

The word of the Lord to Israel was:

“For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And deep darkness the people; But the LORD will arise over you, And His glory will be seen upon you.”

While the message on one hand was a portend of doom and gloom arising out of the imminent darkness that would envelope the earth and its peoples; on the other hand, it was also a promise of deliverance and breakthrough for God’s own people even in those dark times!

Instead of being covered and overwhelmed by the darkness that was to visit the earth, their story would be different — they would be covered by the overwhelming presence of God’s glory. Hallelujah!

But the promise didn’t end there; as a result of God’s glory arising over His people, unbelievers will see the manifestation of God’s work in their lives and even kings will notice and come to the brightness of their rising.

Prayer Focus

We will begin by praying as we did yesterday — let’s pray for God’s glory to arise over us as this gross darkness covers the world and its people.

Let’s pray that the glory of the Lord will be a defence for us in our homes, businesses, jobs, ministries and concerning our health.

Let’s pray that the work of the Lord will so tangibly manifest in every area of our lives, that unbelievers around us and even people in places of influence and power will acknowledge and be drawn to God.

Let’s prophesy into this season and declare the word of God and His unfailing promises over this nation, our places of work or business, school, homes, finances, ministry and church in Jesus’s Name.

Pray that your destiny will not be disrupted nor overwhelmed by the darkness that’s upon the world in Jesus’s Name.

Every blessing,

Pastor Wale Ola