Anointing For Breakthrough

Scripture for Meditation: Isaiah 45:1-2; Eph 1:18-23

This passage of scripture is one of those curious prophetic messages in the bible, that lend themselves to varying interpretations.

The point of divergence usually centres around the true identity of Cyrus, about whom the prophecy pertains. Was he just a Persian king or was he a type of Christ?

Today, I want us to put the debate aside and instead look at some of the details of the prophecy expounding the purposes of God concerning him.

These will form the basis of our prayers as we fast.

The general tone of the word of the Lord concerning him was one of a demonstration of God’s sovereignty and His providence working in Cyrus’s life, to fulfil a divine purpose.

Prayer Focus

Let’s start this session by praying to God for the manifestation of His abiding presence in our homes, lives, businesses and in this church, as we go through the current climate that the whole world is experiencing.

Let’s pray to God for the anointing for breakthrough to be tangibly manifest in our lives — Let’s pray for the evidence of His presence to be seen in our lives as God promised to do in Cyrus’s life:

God declared that He will hold his hands, strip powerful adversary kings of their armour and defence to weaken them before him, and will open doors before him and remove every hinderance, so that his advancement will not be hindered.

Furthermore, God promises that His presence will go before him, level mountains and make a clear path for him to walk through.

Friends, that was some serious anointing on Cyrus’ life that we just read about! It was a powerful breakthrough anointing.

God’s divine presence, God’s protection, providence, direction and leading and God’s power were to become the defining features of his life.

Let’s pray that this will also be our own reality even in this season, as we begin to experience the favour of the Lord breaking through for us in every area of our lives in Jesus’s Name.


Pastor Wale Ola