“You are loosed from your infirmities”

Scripture For Meditation —Luke 13:10-17; Matt 16:13-19

Here We Go Again

On day 10 of our fasting, talked about a spiritual reality that we said sometimes confuses us as believers — The question:

How can I still be bound though I’m saved?

Let’s return to our opening scripture that gave us the theme for this series of meditation.

Like the daughter of Abraham that was bound by the disabling spirit in our theme scripture text, it is also possible to be a born again child of God but still experience spiritual challenges and be bound in one area of our lives or the other. (We talked about this earlier when we meditated on the miracle of Lazarus’s resurrection).

The woman no doubt would have sought medical solutions to her disability over the 18 years that her condition persisted (much like the woman with the issue of blood was said to have spent all her money on physicians looking for a cure), but when Jesus appeared on the scene, He rebuked What the Bible references as a disabling spirit — the spirit of infirmity; He laid His hands on her and immediately, she was made whole!

While there are those believers who foolishly blame every negative occurrence in their lives that they experience to the work of Satan and his demonic activities, there are also others that think nothing of spiritual influences and just assume that everything happens as a consequence of natural or physical facts that can be reasonably explained.

The truth is somewhere in the middle.

More Than Meets The Eye

Sometimes, the natural things that we see in the physical, actually have their root in, and are the consequence of spiritual, demonic activities.

Unfortunately as believers instead of addressing the root cause of the problem which may be spiritual in nature, we sometimes spend our time and resources applying physical, natural or “rational” remedies that defy our “solution”.

The solution to your problem is not really more work, working harder, doing more… the question that you may need to address may be:

What’s the spirit disabling your destiny?

When Jesus addressed and rebuked the spirit that had kept that poor woman bound, she was loosed and healed of her physical disabilities!

Prayer Focus

We will spend the next few days using this understanding to pray for the Church, the congregation and our own selves or families.

Bring GLA before God; ask God to visit the root of this ministry and rebuke the spirit(s) behind the disabilities that have hindered the church.

Bind those disabling spirits, remove the church from under their influences and power.

Command the church to receive the power to straighten up and walk into the fullness of God’s purpose.

Pray for the release of every resource / provision that we need to do the work effectively.

Pray for the programmes, activities, events planned for the coming year, believing that everything that is needed will be provided for by Jehovah Jireh.


Pastor Wale Ola