“You are loosed from your infirmities”

Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 37:1-14

Tied Up Destinies

Then He said to me, “Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel. They indeed say, ‘Our bones are dry, our hope is lost, and we ourselves are cut off!’ Eze 37:11

In continuation of our theme for this month’s fasting and prayers, we are dealing with the disabling spirits that have loomed large over us, threatening to overwhelm us and keep us burdened by infirmities. And today, we are addressing the “dry bones”; the issues that are in the deep valley; seemingly out of help’s reach —The issues in that place where we have been brought so low and discouraged that we have lost hope.

Do you have any such issues in your life?

Son of Man can these dry bones live?

This I think, is one of the most poignant questions you will find God ask anyone in the scriptures; and that my dear friend, is the same question that God is asking you today!

God took Ezekiel on a journey of faith. He gave him a conducted tour with a panoramic view of what appeared to be a definitely hopeless situation with a forgone conclusion where you might say with every certainty and insight and reasoning that it was all over, the end came a long time ago, too late in the day to do anything about the situation, impossible; did I already mention hopeless?

From the vantage view that Ezekiel had of the sight before him, he would have had the privilege of being able to assess the problem from every angle possible and as far as he could see; would only possibly come to that one conclusion – too late, impossible.

Listen to Ezekiel again:

“He made me walk all around among them. I realized there were a great many bones in the valley and they were very dry.” Eze 37:2

God asked him – what do you say Ezekiel; is there any hope left for these ones?

In response to God’s question, Ezekiel gave a non-comittal answer. He must have thought to himself: “Er, Lord, I’m not sure if you are looking at the same situation as I am seeing in front of me. This mangled mess of dead men’s remains. A long time dead; completely dried up, buried in a valley?”. Ah Lord, thou knowest!

Maybe like Ezekiel, you are confronted today by a difficult challenge or you have been looking at a discouraging situation in your life where all hope appears to be lost and help has come too late in the day for you, to make any difference to a considered hopeless situation. You will understand exactly what Ezekiel must have felt in answering the question that God put to him – Ezekiel; do you see any chance of a change in this situation? Can you still see any good come out of this? Can life still come out of this decidedly dead and hopeless situation?

“Then he said to me, “Prophesy over these bones, and tell them: ‘Dry bones, hear the word of the LORD.” Eze 37:4

Again I ask you; do you have any dry bones in your life? Those long-standing issues that have so far defied your prayers and have reached a stage where they can be deemed impossible? Hear what God is saying to you today:

God is asking you to prophesy over the dry bones – call them by name and command them to “hear the word of the LORD”.

Stop talking about how things are, or how they have been and start prophesying how they will be, what they will become, prophesy the turnaround and change that God has decreed must happen.

And this right here is the thing – we have been speaking about the dry bones in our lives; lamenting about them, declaring how bad they have become. We have been declaring the words of man and echoing the diagnosis and prognosis of the “experts” and their considered opinion. We talk about how terrible and hopeless the situation is.

But now, the almighty God, the creator of the universe, the one who spoke all of creation into existence out of nothing, but by the word of His mouth is asking you to declare that same word to your dry bones right now! Hallelujah.

Let me remind you again about this God that we are talking about today!

He is the unchangeable God. The God who was, who is, and who forevermore shall be. The eternal King of glory; the One who said into nothingness “Let there be” and spoke all of creation out of that nothingness. The same yesterday, today and forever. The God of all flesh; the God with whom NOTHING is or shall be impossible.

That’s the One who said to Ezekiel as He is saying to you right now – You and everyone else have had your say about this situation. But now hear My words, I have something to say:

Tell this hopeless situation that you see before you to hear the word that makes the impossible to become possible. Hear the word of the LORD!

In response to God’s instructions Ezekiel prophesied as he was commanded and life returned to those dry bones and they lived, just like God said they would.

God says to tell you that what you thought had been killed by the enemy will yet rise again. I will cause life to return to that hopeless situation and you shall rise again. You will stand strong on your feet again.

This was a prophetic message from God to Israel. He was talking about their future restoration and how even as impossible and hopeless as it may seem to them considering what has been and what was currently existing, His promises concerning Israel would still be fulfilled.

This is to show you that our God is Lord over the issues in the valleys of your life just as He is Lord over the mountains as well. His reach is without limits, His Power is omnipotent.




Call all the “dry bones” in your life by name and bring them before God.

Repent of the words of death that you have spoken concerning them, and the doubt and unbelief that you have used to limit God in the situations.

Cancel every negative speaking from words that have been spoken about or prophesied into the situations.

Command the dry bones to hear the word of the LORD and declare the word of change to them.

Declare an end to these issues and declare your season free of these dry bones.

Ask God to lose you from the spirit of infirmity and deliver you from every disabling spirit that has tied up your destiny, in Jesus’s Name

I prophesy that your change and your breakthrough have come in Jesus’s Name. Amen.

Pastor Wale Ola