Theme — Sheep Without Shepherd

Scripture For Meditation — Matthew 9:35-36; John 10:14-16

What do we see when we look at the hordes of unsaved folk all around us everyday?

At work, in our neighbourhood, at school, on our daily commutes, maybe even in our families.

Very often as Christians, we tend to see them as “the unwashed masses” — a group of ungodly reprobates that we do the best that we can not to mingle with, or at most to preach at, as we let them know just how far from God, and how close to the damnation of hell they are!

But not so our Lord Jesus —

“But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd.” Mat 9:36

Jesus looked at the multitude and the heart of compassion of the Shepherd reached out to them; He saw them as sheep without a shepherd!

Wandering without direction, in danger of being devoured by wild beasts, hungry, weary, untended and desolate; continually exposed to danger.

That is the true state of the unsaved folk around us, devoid of the loving care of the Shepherd of our soul, Jesus Christ; but do we see them the same way He sees them?

He didn’t judge them neither did He despise them; His heart was moved with pity and compassion as He looked at the multitude.

As a Bible commentator quipped:

Oh, that we might know more of that yearning for the spiritual welfare of the lost and dying. How we need to pray constantly:

Let me look on the crowd, as my Savior did,

Till my eyes with tears grow dim;

Let me view with pity the wandering sheep,

And love them for love of Him.

As we wait on the Lord in fasting and prayers this month, let this be our heart’s cry for the lost — that they might find a shepherd in Christ just as we did.

Let’s pray especially for the Picnic in The Park outreach this Saturday, that the Lord will gather these lost sheep unto Himself and into His sheepfold.


Every blessing,

Pastor Wale Ola