Speaking Well

Jer 29:7; 2Chronicles 7:14

The word “bless” even though a commonly used term in Christian lingo, is very often not really understood by many!

Most Christians easily relate to the word blessing on the basis of material benefits or prayers of good will pronounced over a blessing, as it indeed is; however, when we understand that at its root, the word means “to speak well of”, we can begin to see how the words that we speak about the church, the people and the location that we are in, can actually have the opposite effect to blessings!

God is challenging us to pray for, and seek the welfare and prosperity of the place we are in — the community, the people, our local assembly (The Lighthouse). The question to you dear friend is:

What does this practically mean to you as an individual? How will you see to it; what will you do personally to make this will of God established in this season?

Apart from the things that you can offer in service to the ministry or to the community, a good place to start is by speaking well!

Do you speak what you see or do you declare what God has said and what you wish to see concerning the ministry?

Dear friend, it is time to be watchful over the words that we speak or that we allow people to speak to us concerning the church — it is time to begin to speak well; to declare words of blessing over the community and over the ministry and the members of the church.

It is time to speak words of life and not unwittingly be a mouthpiece for the adversary, or be a commentator about all that is “wrong” or you think is undesirable about the ministry or your brethren!

That is it our prayer focus today —

Pray that God will heal this ministry and deliver us from the power and influence of the negative words spoken or limiting pronouncements that have been or are being declared over us.

Declare words of faith and words of life over the church and the community.

Speak words of blessings over the school that we meet in.

Ask God to open your heart and your eyes to what (or what more) you can do personally to ensure the welfare and prosperity of the ministry or the community we are in.

Pray that God will enable you to do what He will show you or put on your heart to do.

Pray that God will raise people who are skilled, willing, available and are consistently committed to help the ministry accomplish the will of God for us.