Off Limits

Scriptures For Meditation — Numbers 23:1-23; Isa 8:10; Isa 54:10-17; Gal 3:13-14

One of the ways by which Satan brings limitations in the lives of believers is through curses and negative or evil pronouncements or even evil wishes against your progress or prosperity.

In our first scripture, we see how an evil king tries to employ this very means to get a prophet of God to issue negative pronouncements against Israel.

Hear what the Prophet said to the king about the plan after he had tried and failed in his attempt to curse the people (Numbers 23:20-23 NLT):

“Listen, I received a command to bless; God has blessed, and I cannot reverse it!

No misfortune is in his plan for Jacob; no trouble is in store for Israel. For the LORD their God is with them; he has been proclaimed their king.

God brought them out of Egypt; for them he is as strong as a wild ox.

No curse can touch Jacob; no magic has any power against Israel. For now it will be said of Jacob, ‘What wonders God has done for Israel!’”

Sometimes, believers operate from either side of the extremity of the reality of curses. There are some who are ignorant of the power and influences of curses that may be working against them and hindering their destinies, and then, there are others who have become so curse-conscious that they have become crippled by the knowledge, and have unwittingly opened the door for Satan to continue to oppress them through fear.

The bible warns us not to be ignorant of the devises of the enemy; however, crucially, it also tells us, that through the power of the blood that Jesus shed for us on the cross, He became a curse for us and freed us from the influences and power of the curses working against us. That is the reality of the life of a blood-bought Spirit-filled child of God — That is the truth upon which we will stand to declare the counsel of God over our lives and over this ministry!

Prayer Focus

    Let’s start today’s prayers by bringing our ministry The Lighthouse before God. Let’s pray that God will take away everything that has limited us in the past and caused us not to be where we are meant to be and do what God had ordained us to do.
    Let’s pray that God will uproot and destroy every work of Satan that he has used against the growth of the church and the welfare / prosperity of the people.
    Let’s pray that every limitation to growth even in the places that we are currently using for our meetings will be removed in Jesus’s Name.
    Let’s pray that everything that has limited or hindered the people from being committed in attendance, in their giving or their service in the ministry will be completely destroyed in Jesus’s Name.
    Let’s bring the month of May before God, and pray that there will be no limits to what God will accomplish in the church as a corporate body, and in the lives of the people as individuals.
    Let’s pray that God will remove the limitations off of everyone that is meant to be a blessing to you (and to this ministry) or bring the answer or solution to your / our needs, from the influences of satanic manipulations. Pray that God will set them free so that they will no longer be hindered from accomplishing God’s purpose for them in your life and in the ministry.
    Declare over yourself and over this church, that we are off limits to the work of Satan and to every demonic assignment or evil agenda.
    Prophesy into the month of May and declare the release of every provision, promotion, resource, blessing, souls, that God had ordained for us in Jesus’s Name.
    Pray that every curse or evil pronouncements spoken and working against your destiny or this ministry be cancelled and their influences revoked in Jesus’s Name. Amen.


Pastor Wale Ola