Man In The Mirror

Scriptures for Meditation — Psalm 25; Psalm 19:12-14; Proverbs 29:1

We will be continuing on this month’s fasting and prayers theme by looking at another critical aspect of limitations that may hinder us in life.

Very often, when believers pray about or against the “limitations” in their lives, we tend to focus on the devil or the people that he uses to perpetuate his actions against us. Today however, God would have us take a closer look at ourselves and consider our ways —

Look in the mirror; the greatest limitation fighting against your destiny may actually be YOU!

Some Things You May See As You Look in The Mirror:

  • Your Attitude and Mannerisms to people can cause doors of favour to shut against you (Dishonour, insensitivity, anger, pride, brashness, impatience and like behaviour)
  • The things you say or the way you say things can turn people against you.
  • Your Disobedience, Doubt and Unbelief will turn God against you
  • Unconfessed Sin and Unrighteousness will shut the doors of heaven against you
  • Your attitude to God and the things of God can hinder your progress
  • Your attitude to money and giving (to God and man) can limit your prosperity and hinder your blessings (Proverbs 11:24; Phil 4:18-19; Luke 6:38)
  • Your ignorance or lack of understanding about who you are in Christ Jesus or the will of God for your life can hinder the fulfilment of your destiny.

These things are by no means a conclusive list of what may be limiting you or hindering your progress; they however may present you with a nudge in the right direction as each of us confronts and deals with the limitations in our own individual lives.

Prayer Focus

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes of understanding and help you to see yourself as God really sees you in case there’s something in your life that is speaking against you and limiting you.
    Ask Him to bring conviction to your heart about these things and to give you the grace to confront them and deal with them.
    Pray that God will work the necessary changes in you to align you with His will for your life.
    Pray that God in His mercy, will bring restoration to your life as He stops the influence and reverses the effects of the limitations caused by the things He has shown you.
    Make a commitment to living in the changes by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Pastor Wale Ola