Scripture Reading — Habakkuk 2:1-3; Proverbs 16:3; Ps 37:4-5

 “I could have, should have, would have…”

Well, my friend, what if I told you you still can?!

Today, we’ll be looking in the opposite direction, casting our gaze forward wise, to believe God for a vision for the new year, and to declare His word into the year.

In our first scripture text (Habakkuk 2:1-3), I want us to focus on some universal truths that I think can help us in our Christian Walk.

Whilst not attempting a contextual exegesis of those verses, we can still learn and apply one or two of these spiritual truths in our understanding of today’s exercise.


1. Habakkuk’s Attitude

Habakkuk’s attitude to hearing from God, is a relevant instruction to us, in his intentionality, determination and commitment to hearing what God had to say about the issue that he had brought before God (Read Habakkuk 1:12-17):


  • I will climb up to my watchtower and
  • Stand at my guard post.
  • There I will wait
  • To see what the Lord says
  • And How He will answer my complaint.

As a watchman looks out from his watch-tower into the distance, the prophet will look out for the answer or message from Heaven.


2. God’s Response

God responds to the prophet by painting a picture – a vision of what was to come, detailing His plans to redeem His people and judge their tormentors.


God’s response to Habakkuk is still relevant to us even now, whenever He gives us a vision concerning the issues of our lives. There are applicable universal truths in what God said to him, and there are applicable principles that we can adopt in responding to what God tells or shows us in our praying and waiting times:


He further instructed Habakkuk —


  • Write My answer down
  • Make it Plain so that those that will carry the message can read it as they run with it
  • Know that this Vision that I show you has an appointed time
  • It will be fulfilled
  • Even when you think it is slow in coming
  • Wait patiently
  • It will come to pass
  • It will not be delayed

Prayer Focus

  • What are the those things that you are believing God for in the coming year?
  • What are the changes that you would love to see in your life?
    • Physically
      • In your relationships
      • Business
      • Career
      • Job
      • Ministry
      • Finances
      • Home / Family

Write them down in a prayer journal so you can have a visual of where you are going.


  • What plans does God have in place to accomplish those things? (A follow on of our previous prayers asking God for strategies)
  • How does He want you to respond to what He has shown / told you?
  • Present these strategies before God, and ask Him to empower you to see them through.

More grace to you as you wait on Him!

Pastor Wale Ola