Scripture Reading — Joshua 1:1-7; Numbers 13:16-33
As we have been praying and seeking God’s face over the last two weeks of our fasting, one of the things that has been impressed in my spirit, is that God is about to take us higher and farther than we have ever been in our walk with Him; Yes, you too…He’s taking YOU up to another level!
While we wait for the reverberation and echo of your resounding “Amen!” to subside, please walk with me for a bit and hear what else He as to say to you.
Unfortunately for many of us, when we hear “Another Level”, we respond incorrectly, just focusing on what we think God is going to do, and not on what we would need to do to get there, and to subsequently remain there!


News Flash:

A ‘new level’ very often, is not a fun place to get to, but is ultimately a rewarding place to be!
When God presented the Israelites with the opportunity to step up Another Level, they rejoiced at the promise, but recoiled at the process — they couldn’t see beyond the giants that stood between them and their promised possession!


But hear what Caleb said about the same situation —
“Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, “Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it.” Num 13:30
What about you friend, what are you saying to the mountains that have been standing between you and your breakthrough?

Are you focusing on the problems and difficulties posed by the giants confronting you, or are you fixing your gaze on the One who has promised and on what He had said to you?

Know this for a fact my dear friend; God knew there were “giants” in that place before He opened the door for you to get there; He knew there would opposition and contenders resisting your progress before He made the promise that He had given you the land!

The size of the giants that you see, is just an indication of the size of the breakthrough that is beyond them!

What’s more, the God that is with you, is infinitely bigger than the biggest opposition that may be confronting you.


Prayer Focus
Pray that God will give you Another spirit like He did Joshua and Caleb, that you will begin to see with the eyes of faith and with a heart emboldened with courage and empowered by the Holy Spirit!

Pray that God will give you a faith-perspective on the challenges that you are facing, and align you with people that will see from God’s perspective.
Pray that God will anoint you with a “mountain taker’s anointing” that will cause you to defeat the giants, and go forwards and upwards to possess your possession in the Name of Jesus.
Pray that the year 2018 will be for you a mountain conquering year, that in this year, God will cause you to walk upon your high places – in the places of honour, promotion and elevation in the Mighty Name Of Jesus.



Pastor Wale Ola