Scripture Reading For Today — Isaiah 58:7-15; Matthew 25:31-46


Those who grew up in West Africa, especially in the Southern parts of Nigeria, may recognise the sentiments that would normally have been conveyed
by title of today’s devotional.


The original phrase as used in those cultures, is a somewhat vindictive expression, that is the cultural equivalent of the Old Testament saying —
“An eye for an eye”.


But in our context of use today, we will be using it as an expansion of the scripture text that we read in yesterday’s devotional.


God had said to the Israelites, that their fasting and prayers had been futile because they had not done the needful, but in today’s text, He promises
them a turnaround if they changed their attitude and begin to do what mattered to Him.


In essence, He was saying to them, I will do to you and for you, what you do to me and for me — You do Me, I do you! (Pretty much what Jesus
said in Matthew 25:31-46).


Prayer Focus

Let’s look again at Isaiah 58:7-15, and see what God promises when we fast and do things His way, making Him known to others in and through our
actions —

  2. 1. Breakthrough — Prosperity (v8)
  3. 2. Speedy Healing (v8)
  4. 3. Manifestation of the covenant blessings of Salvation (v8)
  5. 4. Divine Protection — God’s Glory will be your defence (v8)
  6. 5. Answered Prayers (v9)
  7. 6. Prominence and Divine Favour (v10)
  8. 7. Continual Divine Guidance (v11)
  9. 8. Divine Sustenance (v11)
  10. 9. Divine Health (v11)
  11. 10. Divine Provision and Nourishment (v11)
  12. 11. Fruitfulness (v11)
  13. 12. Restoration (v12)
  14. 13. Honour, Promotion and Elevation (v12)
  15. 14. Victory (v12)


Every single one of these is a promise that we can pray and claim over our lives. We’ll be praying more into each of these blessings over the coming


Isn’t that amazing? Now you know what to believe God for when you fast and pray in accordance with God’s guidance!


God bless you as you reach out to Him in faith in Jesus’ Name.


Pastor Wale Ola