Scriptures For Meditation: John 14:30, Proverbs 28:13


On this second day of our fasting and prayers, we want to clear the way that was opened with our thanksgiving, from any resistance or opposition of
the enemy’s accusations against us.


John 14:30 — “The prince of this world cometh but he has nothing in me”.


What Jesus was saying — the Prince of this world cometh, but He has no hold, has no claim, has no power over me; He has nothing against me with
which he can accuse me!


This is one of the boldest statements that you’d find any man ever utter against Satan. However, unlike every or any other man, only Jesus Christ could
confidently make such an audacious declaration without any fear of contradiction, because He was totally free from any sin that the enemy could
hold against Him.


The Bible tells us that the accuser accuses us before the Father day and night, looking for legitimate charges that he might bring against us before
the courts of heaven to oppose or to resist us.


But then again, we are also told that we have a counter suit against the enemy on our behalf, brought by the speaking of the blood of Jesus —
He ever liveth to intercede for us before the Father!


The Bible tells us that unconfessed sin is a very powerful tool and an imminently destructive weapon in the hands of the accuser.


As the Bible says in our other bible text for today in Proverbs 28:13; “He who covers his iniquities will not prosper”;


If the Prince of this world were to turn his searchlight on us, he would no doubt be confident of finding things in our lives with which to accuse
us before God in other to hinder, resist or oppose us.


The concluding half of Proverbs 28:13 goes on to give us hope of redemption —


“…but the one who confesses and renounces them will find mercy”.


Ask the Holy Spirit to turn His searchlight on you today to highlight any areas of your life where you might have sinned or are sinning against God.
Judge yourself that you might not be judged.


Ask Him to reveal anything to you that the enemy might have used or is using to accuse you before the courts of heaven.


Finish by praying and meditating on Psalm 19:12-14.


Claim the promise of the scriptures in 1John 1:9.




Pastor Wale Ola